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Our garden in the spring
In front of the open fireplace
Nature and Relaxation
Tuscany in the autumn

Things to Do in the Spring & Autumn

Most of the activities proposed for the summer are also suitable for the spring or autumn months. 

We would, however, like to make some further suggestions for the cooler months.

Wellness and Relaxation

We especially recommend several hot thermal springs, for example the different thermal baths at Rapolano (1h. by car), the famous hot springs of Saturnia (2h. 30min. by car) or the Montecatini thermal bath (1h. 30min. by car).
It is wonderful to relax in the hot water of these thermal springs and to enjoy fantastic views of the surrounding countryside or of the medieval city of Rapolano. This is certainly worth a day tour.

Shopping, Culture and Miscellaneous other Activities

You can go shopping in the outlets "The Mall" and "Fashion Valley" in Leccio (Reggello) or in the outlet "Cuoieria Fiorentina" selling leather goods in Incisa. All these outlets are about 10km away from our home.
A concert in the beautifully restored theatre of Figline Valdarno with its lovely, huge chandelier is always worthwile.

What about trying out a new and healthy Italian recipe? Browsing through our cookery books in our well-appointed kitchen will give you some new ideas. Of course you can use the herbs, which grow in abundance in our garden. According to the season we have is rosemary, lavender, basil, sage, parsley, bay leaves, dill or mountain mint which is very tasty in mushroom dishes. Buon Appetito!

Speaking of mushrooms - in the autumn months many different kinds of mushrooms grow in the area - how about picking some?

Easter in Italy

Taking part in the midnight mass at Easter in the Romanesque church of Cascia is a very special experience. On the evening before Easter the ritual "scoppio del carro" is celebrated at the cathedral in Florence with great enthusiasm by the Florentine people - just as it has been done for many centuries. 

Autumn Holidays in Tuscany

In August and September the "festa del perdono", a religious festival, is celebrated in almost every villages, usually with markets, stalls at parish fairs and with fireworks.

One of the biggest and most well-known of these celebrations takes place in Terranuova Bracciolini (25km from Reggello) at the end of September and is accompanied by a cattle market where cows, goats, sheep, pigs and birds of every kind are on display - this is certainly worth a visit.

Should you not feel like going out at all in cooler weather, you can always light a fire and enjoy a good book and an excellent glass of wine in front of the open fireplace in our apartment!

This is called "il dolce far niente" in Bella Italia.